[ON-DEMAND] How We Kept Things Running During a Pandemic

1.5 NY Credits: 1.5 PP; Non-transitional; 1.5 NJ Credits: 1.5 General

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Course Description:

Join us as we discuss with New York Unified Court System Personnel topics on making ADR/ODR("On-line Dispute Resolution") initiatives, options and services accessible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Discussion topics include:

  • Mediator compensation
  • COVID-Driven System Changes
  • Program to mediate small claims cases
  • The biggest surprises, both good and bad, in the move to Online Dispute Resolution
  • ADR Promotion/Outreach
  • CLE and the Pandemic
  • Technology "Behind the Scenes"
  • Neutral Evaluation's Future
  • Expanding Mediation to other areas
  • Lack of Jury Trial Impact
  • Small Claims Virtual Arbitration
  • Selection of Neutrals
  • Co-Mediation
  • and more...


Program Co-sponsors: NYCLA’s ADR Committee, Supreme Court Committee and American Arbitration Association (AAA)

Moderators: Christopher Fladgate and Elan Weinreb, Co-chairs, Nelson E. Timken, Vice-Chair, Clara Gross, Student Member, NYCLA’s ADR Committee; Alyssa Goldrich and Russell D. Morris, Co-chairs, NYCLA’s Supreme Court Committee; Jeffrey T. Zaino, VP, Commercial Division, American Arbitration Association

Panelists: Lisa Courtney, Statewide ADR Coordinator, NYS OCA; Lisa Denig, Special Counsel for ADR Initiatives, NYS OCA; Hon. Deborah A. Kaplan, Administrative Judge, Sup.Ct., NY County; Joan Levenson, Principal Law Clerk, Hon. Deborah A. Kaplan, Sup. Ct., NY County; Jean Norton, ADR Coordinator, Sup. Ct., NY County; Amy M. Pontillo,  Associate Counsel, NYS OCA; Carol Swidler, Assistant Deputy Chief Appellate Ct. Attorney, App. Div., 2d Dep’t; Daniel Weitz, Dir., Division of Professional & Court Service


Original Tape Date: March 4, 2021

All Programs include: 1 Affirmation and 1 Evaluation Form and Course Materials.

To receive CLE credit for program in Online Video Format:

Online Videos are embedded with CLE codes that you must type into a supplied online affirmation sheet. Submit the online affirmation to the NYCLA CLE Institute to be issued a CLE certificate. We recommend that you watch the video as soon as possible.

We can only issue CLE credit if the law is still current.

Course Materials: The link to download course materials will be listed on the Online Video webpage.

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