Dec 17, 2013 Remarks by Barbara Moses, NYCLA President at 2013 Annual Dinner
Sep 26, 2013 Remarks by NYCLA President Barbara Moses at 23rd Annual Public Service Awards
Jun 28, 2013 Remarks by Stewart Aaron, immediate past NYCLA President at the 2013 Annual Meeting
May 24, 2013 Remarks by Barbara Moses upon her Induction as President of New York County Lawyers’ Association
Apr 30, 2013 50th Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Lecture and Remarks
Apr 8, 2013 Remarks by Dorchen A. Leidholdt on Receiving the Edith I. Spivack Award
Feb 28, 2013 Remarks by Hon. Kristin Booth Glen at Reception Honoring Newly Elected, Appointed, Re-Elected and Re-Appointed Judges