Press Releases

Dec 13, 2004 NYCLA Issues Report Commenting on OCA’s Proposed Amendments to the Chief Administrator's Rules
Dec 10, 2004 NYCLA’s Annual Dinner Celebrates Outstanding Women of the Bar with Keynote Speaker Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
Nov 5, 2004 NYCLA Launches “Roundtable on Criminal Courts”
Oct 26, 2004 NYCLA Hosts Housing Conference Marking 30th Anniversary of Housing Court's Creation
Oct 26, 2004 NYCLA Adopts Pro Bono Definition
Sep 23, 2004 NYCLA’s Cyberspace Law Committee Hosts Public Forum on Vote Counting Technology, Election Integrity and Democracy
Sep 16, 2004 NYCLA's Task Force on Judicial Selection's Report on In-Kind Campaign Contributions Adopted by Board of Directors
Sep 13, 2004 NYCLA Sponsors Public Forum on Electronic Voting: The Promise and the Pitfalls
Aug 26, 2004 NYCLA Presents Panel on the LGBT Vote in the Contemporary American Political Process
Jun 29, 2004 NYCLA's Task Force on Judicial Selection's Report Addresses Disqualification of Judges Based on Economic Interest
Jun 21, 2004 NYCLA Report on Videotaping of Police Interrogations Approved by the NYSBA
Jun 4, 2004 NYCLA Kicks Off 2004 Minority Judicial Internship Program
Jun 3, 2004 NYCLA Presents Public Forum: The PATRIOT ACT and Immigration: Are We Closing the "Golden Door"?
May 27, 2004 NYCLA Elects New Officers and Board at Annual Meeting: For the First Time, Three of Five Officers are Women
Apr 2, 2004 NYCLA Responds to UCS’s Pro Bono Report
Feb 9, 2004 NYCLA'S Report on Videotaping of Custodial Interrogations Approved by ABA's House of Delegates