Press Releases

Dec 9, 2003 NYCLA Supports Marriage Rights for Same-Sex Couples
Nov 25, 2003 NYCLA Diversity Statements Embraced by Bar Associations, Law Firms, Corporations
Nov 18, 2003 NYCLA Settles Lawsuit Against NY Challenging Rates for Assigned Counsel
May 22, 2003 NYCLA Honors Six for Public Service at Annual Meeting
Apr 15, 2003 NYCLA Urges that Custodial Interrogations Be Videotaped
Apr 10, 2003 NYCLA Opposes 2003 Budget Bill Provision Denying Jury Trial
Mar 19, 2003 NYCLA Files Motion to Lift Stay of Court Decision Directing Payment of Higher Assigned Counsel Rates
Feb 26, 2003 NYCLA Enters Judgment Against NYS and NYC Declaring Assigned Counsel Rate Unconstitutional
Feb 1, 2003 NYCLA Granted Declaratory Judgment – Rate for Assigned Counsel Set at $90/hr