Board Reports & Resolutions

Oct 12, 2005 NYCLA Approves HOUSING COURT CONFERENCE Report - The New York City Housing Court in the 21st Century: Can It Better Address the Problems Before It?
Sep 26, 2005 NYCLA Approves the TASK FORCE ON JUDICIAL SELECTION Subcommittee Report on Administrative Law Judge Reform
Aug 3, 2005 NYCLA Executive Committee Approves TASK FORCE ON JUDICIAL SELECTION Comments about Proposed Rule Amendments Pursuant to Sections 1043 and 1049 of the New York City Charter

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Jul 27, 2005 NYCLA Approves Comments on ABA Proposed Revisions to Canon 5
May 9, 2005 NYCLA Approves TASK FORCE ON JUDICIAL SELECTION's Comments on the Proposal to Establish a New York City Coordinator of Administrative Justice
May 9, 2005 NYCLA Approves TASK FORCE ON JUDICIAL SELECTION Issues Report on Non-Retention/Retention Elections

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Apr 11, 2005 NYCLA Adopts Resolution Concerning New York State Unified Court System’s Legislative Proposal to Adjust Judicial Compensation
Apr 11, 2005 NYCLA Approves CRIMINAL COURT TASK FORCE Report on Conditional Release – A Pilot Project
Apr 6, 2005 NYCLA Approves FEDERAL COURTS COMMITTEE Report on House Resolution 97 and Senate Resolution 92

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Mar 18, 2005 NYCLA Approves Resolution on Right to Counsel in Housing Court
Feb 25, 2005 NYCLA Approves Report on NYSBA Special Committee Comments on the Proposed Standards on Quality of Mandated Representation
Feb 24, 2005 NYCLA Approves TASK FORCE ON SAME-SEX MARRIAGE Report and Recommendations on State Bar's Special Committee Report and Recommendations on Issues Affecting Same-Sex Couples
Feb 7, 2005 NYCLA Adopts Antitrust Policy for Staff
Jan 12, 2005 NYCLA Approves LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL AND TRANSGENDER (LGBT) ISSUES COMMITTEE Report: Making Progress: How New York’s Top 25 Law Firms Address Issues of Concern to the LGBT Community