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e-Discovery and Social Media

Tuesday, June 4, 2013, 6:00pm - 9:00pm

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Intended Audience:

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Location: 2nd floor auditorium

Course ID: C06042013

Number of Sessions: 1

Credits: 3 NJ (1 Ethics, 2 General)
3 NY Credits: 1 Ethics; 1 Skills; 1 PP; Transitional and Non-transitional

Course Description:

With the popularity of social networking, it is more and more important than ever to understand the obligations that companies have in preserving and producing information shared via social media.

The program will first provide a comprehensive view of eDiscovery including: 

  • The Nature of the Claim: the need to understand the claims or defenses in order to request or limit the relevant electronically stored information that pertains to the matter
  • Scope of eDiscovery: focus on the applicable procedural rules which limit the ESI that can be requested pursuant to the discovery rules
  • Legal Hold: the obligation of the parties to preserve ESI when a triggering event occurs and the myriad of legal directives in instituting a legal hold to ensure ESI is not destroyed
  • Search Methods and Protocol for ESI:  inspection of computer systems and the chain of custody to ensure authenticity of ESI and other issues that could affect its admissibility  
  • Forms of Production, including native files, jPeg and PDF as well as their effect on eDiscovery   
  • Limitations and Protections Afforded Litigants in eDiscovery Proceedings
  • Objections Based on ESI not Being Reasonable and Accessible: Burdensome, Relevance, Overbroad, Cost Allocation/Proportionality, Sampling and Their Effect on ESI Disclosure
  •  Spoliation of ESI: Including culpability and relevance
  •  Sanctions: Including an adverse inference instruction, monetary awards and even penalties including jail

Then, the discussion will turn of the interrelationship of eDiscovery and Social Media, including:

  • Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus: eDiscovery Essentials for ESI
  • Confidentiality, Security & eDiscovery: Risks associated with social networks
  • Challenges in Preserving and Collecting Data from Social Media Sites
  • Corporate Social Networking: How each site creates its own ESI hurdle
  • eDiscovery: Hurdles to Avoid: keys to Protect Your Client
  • How to preserve & Collect Tweets, Facebook Posts and Other Content
  • What Companies can do to Limit Their eDiscovery Burdens With Social Networking
  • Keys to Incorporate an Information Retention program That Includes Social Networks
  • Duty of Preservation: Social Networking data that can be used in court
  • Attorney Client Privilege Concerns with Social Networks: What Your Client Can and Can't Do
  • How to collect data when its out of the Company's Control
  • Keys to Minimize Liability with Client/Attorney Communications
  • How to use Facebook, GooglePlus & Social Media for eDiscovery Investigations


Program Co-sponsor: NYCLA's Cyberspace Committee

Faculty: Joseph Bambara, UCNY, Inc.; Matthew Knouff and Natalie Feher, Complete Discovery Source, Inc. (CDS)


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