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NYCLA Mentoring Program

Mission Statement

To enhance the experience of junior attorneys in the legal profession by providing the tools and resources necessary for their professional and personal development through mentoring services, customized CLE programs and active bar association membership.

Program Description

Each mentee is assigned a mentor who will serve as a sounding board for ideas, coach and strategist for personal development and a resource on how to navigate the legal profession in New York. The program seeks to enhance professionalism by introducing the mentees to programs and services available at NYCLA, including committees, forums, professional development and other programs, pro bono opportunities and trainings, CLE classes and social events. Through a series of both structured and informal events, the Mentoring Program will also supplement the 1:1 mentor/mentee relationship with CLE programs and informal monthly get-togethers, providing the mentees with the opportunity to network with their peers, other mentors and the Advisory Board.

Experienced attorneys seeking to give back to the legal community are encouraged to apply to become mentors. Many of our current mentors agree that they have learned as much from their young colleagues as they have taught them.

NYCLA members admitted to the NYS Bar between 2-6 years may apply to be accepted in the 2014 Mentoring Program beginning October 23 and ending November 22, 2013.

Program Goals

§ Foster development of a new lawyer's practical skills and increase his or her knowledge of legal customs.
§ Create a sense of pride and integrity in the legal profession.
§ Promote collegial relationships among legal professionals and encourage bar membership.
§ Enhance legal ability and professional judgment.
§ Encourage the use of best practices and the highest ideals in the practice of law.
§ Build a sense of community within the legal profession.
§ Educate junior attorneys about professionalism.

Applications for the 2014 Mentoring Program are no longer accepted.

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