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Mary Mastropaolo

302 Garfield Pl., Apt. 3
Brooklyn, NY

Phone: 347-342-6306

Mary Mastropaolo has served the New York City government for nineteen years.  For the past five years, she has been the General Counsel of the Office of the Public Advocate, advising the Public Advocate and staff regarding legal, legislative and conflicts of interest matters.  Her extensive experience in government, which has included working with advocacy organizations, trade associations and other stakeholders, has been valuable in helping formulate and implement the Office’s agenda focusing on the improvement of city services. In addition, Ms. Mastropaolo oversees the Office’s legislative agenda and any litigation matters, coordinating with the Law Department and pro bono or non-profit sector attorneys. She has worked on several bills that would address such matters as prohibiting employment discrimination against caregivers, allowing non-profit staffing of help desks in public benefit offices and requiring remediation of indoor asthma allergen hazards in multiple dwellings.  Most recently, the Public Advocate’s bill requiring the provision of language assistance services in chain pharmacies was enacted.


Prior to joining the senior staff of the Public Advocate, Ms. Mastropaolo was a project consultant for the Human Resources Administration.  She prepared a confidential report examining the operations of certain agency benefit offices and making recommendations for the improvement thereof, based on a literature review of best practices, a review of internal audit reports and agency procedure manuals, site visits and interviews of agency and other government staff and advocates.


For more than thirteen years, Ms. Mastropaolo worked for the City Council, beginning as a legislative attorney and becoming in succession Counsel and Deputy Director to the Human Services Division, Assistant Counsel to the Speaker, Legislative Counsel and Special Assistant to the Speaker and Director of the Infrastructure Division.  In her career at the City Council, she drafted and/or successfully negotiated important legislation, including the Smoke-free Air Act, laws banning cigarette vending machines and the distribution of free tobacco samples, the 2000 Solid Waste Management Plan Modification, a law improving the quality of subsidized family child care and public safety legislation relating to box cutters and trigger locks.  For five years, Ms. Mastropaolo also supervised Division attorneys and policy analysts who were responsible for the oversight and legislative work of several Council Committees.  In addition, she helped create City Council funded city-wide projects, including a $1.65 million cancer awareness and treatment initiative and a three-year $6.3 million waste prevention pilot program.


Ms. Mastropaolo graduated magna cum laude from New York Law School.

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