Committee Listing

The New York County Lawyers Associations has over 100 committees & sections that provide in depth analysis and insight into legal practice areas.

Committee NameChair(s)Email
Committee on Admiralty and Maritime LawNoe S. Hamra,
Committee on Animal LawKevan Cleary,
Committee on Anti-Trust and Trade RegulationGregory S. Asciolla,
Committee on Appellate CourtsScott Danner,
Committee on Appellate CourtsMatthew Bova,
Committee on Art LawMegan E. Noh,
Committee on Asian PracticeSung Hyun Hwang,
Committee on Asian PracticeMargaret T. Ling,
Committee on BankingDustin N. Nofziger,
Committee on Bankruptcy LawRocco Antonio Cavaliere,
Criminal Justice SectionAsha Smith,
Criminal Justice SectionAndrew H. Eibel,
Committee on Construction LawJoshua Mark Levy,
Committee on Construction LawBruce H. Lederman,
Committee on Corporation LawChristopher P. Parnagian,
Civil Court Practice SectionSarah Depew,
Civil Court Practice SectionNicholas W. Moyne,
Committee on Civil Rights and LibertiesElliot Dolby Shields,
Committee on Civil Rights and LibertiesIlyssa S. Fuchs,
Education Law CommitteeAmy Leipziger,
Entertainment, Media, Intellectual Property & Sports SectionKeith McWha,
Estates, Trusts and Surrogate's Court Practice SectionHillary A. Frommer,
Committee on Family Court and Child WelfareSherri Fae Donovan,
Committee on Family Court and Child WelfareBarbara J. Schaffer,
Committee on the Federal CourtsCaren Decter,
Committee on Federal CourtsScott Klugman,
Committee on Foreign & International LawClara Flebus,
Committee on Futures and DerivativesSabeena Ahmed Liconte,
Committee on Immigration and NationalityEugene J. Glicksman,
Committee on Immigration and NationalityStuart J. Reich,
Committee on In-House/Outside CounselJoshua Hale Abramson,
Committee on In-House/Outside CounselNjeri Sarah Chasseau,
Judicial SectionJudith J.
Committee on Labor Relations & Employment LawStephen Michael McQuade,
Committee on Labor Relations & Employment LawGregory S. Chiarello,
Committee on Law and TechnologyJoseph J. Bambara,
Committee on Law and TechnologyLance H. Koonce,
Committee on Law and LiteratureAlan Leslie Fell,
Committee on Law and LiteratureWalter M. Frank,
Committee on Law-Related EducationRichard Lee
Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues iYetta G. Kurland,
Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues iGeorge M. Santana,
Committee on Minorities and the LawRita M. Fang,
Committee on Minorities and the LawPaul A.
Matrimonial Law SectionMartha Cohen Stine,
Committee on Non-Profit Organizations***Chair To Be Announced***
Committee on Professionalism and Professional DisciplineRonald C. Minkoff,
Committee on Professional EthicsJames Q. Walker,
Real Property SectionRoy S. Fenichel,
Committee on Securities and ExchangesBob Van De Veire,
Committee on Solo and Small Firm PracticeSamuel E. Bartos,
Committee on Solo and Small Firm PracticeShengyang Wu,
Committee on Senior LawyersMichael John Siris,
Committee on the Supreme CourtCraig S. Kesch,
Committee on Supreme CourtRussell David Morris,
Committee on TaxationAllan R. Pearlman,
Tort Law SectionRobert S. Kelner,
Young Lawyers SectionEugene Frenkel,
Young Lawyers SectionChristopher Seleski,